Birla Super Cement

Birla Super 53 Grade (Inc.Vat)

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Product Description

Birla Super 53 Grade
BIRLA SUPER gives you a minimum saving in cement consumption from 10% to 20% as compared to other cements. BIRLA SUPER develops high early strength and facilitates early removal of form work of slabs and beams, which results in increased speed of construction and savings in centering’s cost.

BIRLA SUPER 53 produces highly durable concrete due to very low percentage of alkalies, chloride, magnesia and free lime in its composition. BIRLA SUPER 53 continues to increase comprehensive strength of concrete and mortar even after 28 days. The 365 days strength is found 25% to 30% higher than 28 days strength. Additional strength imparts durability and enhances the life of structure. BIRLA SUPER 53 reduces the consumption of steel up to 10%.

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