1. Mr Interior

Do you want your living room or office to look lively but you have no idea how to go with it and whom to contact? Here we are for your assistance!

All you need to do is fill in the form below and send us your necessary requirements and you’ll be contacted by some of the leading Interior designer. They’ll provide you with their perception and insight according to your requirements for the desired Home, Office, Factory, Shop, & Other. Types of renovation or new works .

We have carefully put together a team of designers/who are well regarded for their work.

“An Interior designer is the drawer of dreams”. Continue further with to make the “interior” at par with your needs.

Terms & Conditions

  • com liability doesn’t extend to the work of the Interior designer although best efforts are taken to properly scrutinize the credentials of our affiliates. We are merely responsible for sharing your requirements with our chosen efficient Interior designer.
  • com does not guarantee any explicit time limit or specific number of responses within which you would be contacted by our Interior designer. If you are dissatisfied with the responses, you are welcome to resubmit your request to us and we would try to help you out further.
  • com is not responsible for the commercial engagement and the scope of work between you and the/interior designers, since it is strictly a direct arrangement. We do not hold any commercial/vested interest in the terms of the services engaged there within which you might have entered with any of our empaneled Interior designer.
  1. First-time customer
  1. If a customer is first time buyer if he buys above Rs. 10,000 amount he will get a bonus of  250  which he can redeem from his purchase.
  2. Same as mentioned above in (a), if he buys above 40,000  he will get an additional 0.50% rebate.
  3. Same as mentioned above in (a), if he buys above Rs. 75,000 he will get an additional 1.00% rebate.

Terms & Condition

  • The bonus points awarded due to errors of the computer system will be cancelled.
  • The customer is entitled to end the service loyalty programme at any time by submitting a written and signed declaration to the organiser. With the submission of said declaration, all bonus points collected on the customer’s account are cancelled, and the customer’s personal data is permanently removed from all carriers and the database or become anonymous.
  1. For bulk order

For any bulk order above Rs. 1.00 lakh. The purchaser can call us on our 837 88 11 999 number or WhatsApp the requirement and can discuss the discount.

Terms & Conditions

  • “You” or “you” means a sole trader or company or Khinvasara Associates Construction Pvt. Ltd customer at the time their friend applies for the service. “Friend” or “friend” means the applicant that is known to and referred by “You” and who applies for the Khinvasara Associates Construction Pvt. Ltd service.
  • Your friend must not be an existing Khinvasara Associates Construction Pvt. Ltd customer or have applied for the Khinvasara Associates Construction Pvt. Ltd service before.
  • Where you pass the name and contact details of your friend, you must confirm that you have their permission to do so. And also you consent to us using your name and contact details to verify you as the referrer of your friend and in any communications we may have with your friend.
  • Khinvasara Associates Construction Pvt. Ltd reserves the right to amend, suspend or withdraw this programme at any time for any reason. The incentive cannot be transferred and the offer may be revoked at any time for any reason. The terms and conditions of this promotion may be changed without notice and are at the sole discretion of Khinvasara Associates Construction Pvt. Ltd.


  1. Discount

Terms and Conditions

  • The Referred friend has not yet been a customer the Khinvasara Associates Construction Pvt. Ltd services.
  • The Referred friend makes a purchase according to instructions in the referral message.
  • There are no open issues regarding the referral and/or Referrer and/or Referred friend, such as fraudulent activity, Referrer and/or Referred friend is a both, the Referrer did not conclude the referral through the page etc.
  • The Referred friend must complete a purchase of Khinvasara Associates Construction Pvt. Ltd Services before the Referrer is granted a Discount.
  • The Referrer shall be credited with the Discount that can be used through Khinvasara Associates Construction Pvt. Ltd account.
  • The Discount shall appear in the Khinvasara Associates Construction Pvt. Ltd account where it can be redeemed by the Referrer.
  • Referrer is prohibited to earn Discount through creation of multiple accounts on or other similar practices. account and/or discount code and/or link of the Referrer and Referred friend shall be canceled and deleted if any practice of the Referrer or the Referred friend is considered fraudulent and/or abusive and all the discounts in the account shall be annulled.