Special Terms and Condition

For Aluminum Profile & Section

Terms & condition are applicable while purchasing Aluminum products ( profile & section )

  1. Minimum order value to be Rs 60000 or 300 kg by weight.
  2. For purchase of Aluminum profile & sections No Refund, No cancellation, No returns, No exchange, will be entertained. Only material damaged in transit will be replaced.
  3. Regarding Shipment & delivery :- Delivery period will be decided as per quantity & Shipment charges will be decided as per quantity & distance.
  4. Payment :- 100 %  payment is to be done in advance .There may be difference in actual weight of section & weight of section quoted in If actual  weight is more than the invoice the customer has to pay the difference of payment immediately. And if the weight is less than invoice the customer will be given refund amount within 7 days.
  5. Excluding above points all other policies, Terms & condition stated in individual policies of Constroreq are applicable while purchasing.
  6. In Aluminum profile & section from chart of catalogue, customer have to select catalogue No & length .Automatically approximate weight will be shown. The customer just has to select catalogue No & Length & quantity and send it to The proforma invoice will be generated & send back to the customer for confirmation. Customer  have the option to add/delete the quantity / Item/section no  in the proforma invoice for final time & send a copy of it to Constroreq .Constroreq will provide you with corrected bill with charges of shipment & taxes as applicable. After the final corrected amount Constroreq will be sending a link for payment by mail or SMS to customer .He has to pay the amount. After that shipment & delivery procedure will be activated.
  7. A link of Jindal will be provided to customer .The link has profile ,actual picture ,with catalogue No ,weight/Metter for checking.He  has to make sure & do confirmation of order .
  8. Constroreq provided Anodising, Powder Coating facility, for that you have to select a colou, from catalogue & provide the catalog no to constroreq. Charges for this will be quoted & payment for this to be done in advance to Constroreq.
  9. Tentative Aluminum Rates for profile & sections will be provided These rates are without taxes .the rates may change according to market condition.